Who we are

Silverline Realty and Investment is a Limited Liability Company (LLC), founded by Joseph Boateng in Ghana in 2019, even though very young, with its dynamic leadership, the company has the potential to be one of the fastest Growing Property developers in Ghana in the next few years. In the face of the increasingly high levels of demand for lands for home and commercial purposes in Ghana as a result of the growing population, Silverline Realty and Investment is dedicated to providing the following services:

  • Best and reliable Advisory Services on Land Sales and Acquisitions
  • Sales of Registered Lands and Houses
  • Land Administration (Indenture, Sales Agreement, Consent Letters etc.)
  • Land Surveying Services (Site Plans, Layout Demarcation etc.)
  • Land Title Registration Assistance
  • Location of Lost Lands and Ownership Investigation
  • Architectural Drawing and Building Construction
  • Estate Planning and Development
  • Supplies of Building Materials


Lands in Ghana have seen increasingly high levels of demand due to the growing population. Locals and expatriates aspire to stake share in Ghana’s lands in order to serve either as a foundation for home or for other commercial purposes. In your quest to acquire registered lands free from any risk of litigations, allow us to introduce to you our company, Silverline Realty & Investment Limited.

We let our customers understand the need to engage professionals in any transactions as far as land sales or purchases are concerned. We anticipate and make sure we avoid any potential risk of litigation or conflicts on any piece of land we work on.

The company under its energetic and strategic leadership displays astute professionalism and great communication in the discharge of duties to its clients.

Our Philosophy

Silverline understands the challenges faced by locals and expatriates who aspire to stake share in Ghana’s lands in order to serve various purposes and need and has opened its door to receive and assist the general public to acquire registered lands free from any risk of litigation.

We take all possible risks in the land and property transactions into consideration, employ professionals to investigates and make thorough background checks (that may not be within the means of individuals) on lands and properties to avoid future litigation and regrets.

Our company empathizes with victims of charlatan or dishonest dealings and helps them retrieve lost properties and secure their future. 

We are also involved in the massive production of quality roofing materials being it pre-tailored to the environment or customized to meet clients’ special interests.

We are aware of our clients quest to maximize scarce resources hence, bent on offering them value for each penny; this is made possible by our consistent market research that provides us with information capable of granting comparative advantage as well as the strong expert brains employed at every level of our operations and negotiation to take home the best of deals and efficient methods that enhances quality.

We want to stay with our customers from start to finish and keep the network. We exercise full flexibility to meet the needs of each of our clients.

Our Objective​

Our main objective is to aid communities, Institutions, Organizations and Individuals, Groups and Unions fulfill their dreams of risk-free acquisitions and or disposal of Lands and Landed Properties in Ghana

Our Mission

Our Mission is to focus on our organizational values as far as Land acquisition and the estate sector in general is concerned, we are committed to bringing light and smiles back to the faces of the disappointed masses. Our key purpose is to ensure the prosperity of our clients by collectively being responsible for all their day-to-day decisions and assisting them implementing long- and short-term plans.

We are therefore striving to be the professionals with the most satisfied clients in the estate sector.

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